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Xiamen Hosingtech Auto Parts Co., Ltd

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  • One Hump Hose wholesale sale price

    One Hump Hose wholesale sale price

    One Hump Hose? Description: Inner: 100% high quality silicone Cover: silicone Reinforce ply: 4-ply Reinforce: polyester/Aramid/glass fiber Colors: black/red/blue/green/yellow
  • one hump reducer silicone hose

    one hump reducer silicone hose

    Xiamen Hosingtech Auto Parts Co., Ltd mainly produce auto part products include silicone hoses, silicone hose kits, silicone vacuum hoses, silicone heater hoses, aluminum tubes, stainless steel tubes, waste gates, BOV hoses, and silicone parts which use in cooling , charge air , induction systems etc for auto, race car, tuners, muscle car. We are proud to supply our products to every auto fan all around the world with our flexible,fast efficient services and strictest quality control standard which has always approved and praised by customers.
  • high quality One Hump Hose

    high quality One Hump Hose

    Specially designed for areas of vibration, where engine movement may cause other hoses to stress and split.
  • silicone hump hose

    silicone hump hose

    Fabric, polyester fabric four-layer sanitary hose, double-layer silicone tube 304 stainless steel wire, spacing 10MM, sanitary hose inner wall transparent and smooth, outer wall, transparent and smooth sanitary hose, sanitary grade steel hose features smooth hose. Both the outer wall and the pleated outer wall can be used, and the low decomposition rate food silicone tube is suitable for use in pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic and food processing.
  • hump hose coupler

    hump hose coupler

    Silicon Hump Hoses Coupling are used by professionals in industries such as high performance racing vehicles, commercial truck and bus, Marine, agricultural and off highway vehicles, turbo diesel, food and beverage, and general manufacturing industries.
  • One Hump Hose custom factory

    One Hump Hose custom factory

    This hose is built for endurance and performance in custom turbo intake systems. Silicone rubber with 3-ply reinforcement makes this hose tough, reliable, and flexible to temperatures from -50°C to +200°C (-58°F to +356°F).
  • Blue high quality One Hump Hose

    Blue high quality One Hump Hose

    Our modern and highly flexible manufacturing process allows our production facility to cope with a wide range of products and a diverse customer base. We produce specialist one off prototypes, low volume parts and high volume production for the bus, truck and automotive markets. Having our own dedicated factory means we can focus on specific requirements and tailor our production to the ever changing needs of our customers.
  • silicone hose connectors

    silicone hose connectors

    silicone hose connectors simplify the process to plumb centrifugal superchargers, turbochargers or cooling systems to transition and connect aluminum tubes. Manufactured from 0.165" (4.2mm) wall black VMQ silicone and reinforced with a 3 ply polyester braid to resist collapsing and ballooning. Compatible with temperatures ranging from -76°F to +356°F. Use with T-Bolt Clamps for a leak-free installation.
  • Straight Hose&Reducers&Hump Hose

    Straight Hose&Reducers&Hump Hose

    Straight silicone hose, pressure rated to 220psi. Available in 2 foot lengths, or pre-cut, in either blue or black .
  • One Hump Hose?

    One Hump Hose?

    Commonly known as: cloth silicone tube, straight hose, tensile hose, high temperature wear-resisting automotive silicone tube;
  • Hump Bellow Silicone Hoses

    Hump Bellow Silicone Hoses

    Hump Bellow Silicone Hoses are generally used in applications where there is a considerable amount of movement between two outlets. The bellow in the hose is designed to absorb shock and vibrations.
  • The role of one hump hose

    The role of one hump hose

    This is a must have for any intercooler that is connected solidly to the body. Engines have a rocking motion and piping must be allowed some free play to avoid damage to the intercooler end tanks. Each pipe should have a minimum of one hump hose per pipe.
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